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Broadcasts, podcasts, demos, interviews or video? We evaluate all content utilizing our active listening experience and custom content mapping process.

Connect with your Audience

Our registration questionnaire helps us understand you, your brand and the specifics of your media target. We evaluate your content and delivery for its effectiveness to connect and engage with your audience.

Find your Brand

We'll examine your branding as the Content Creator against the content and return with a personalized thoughtful coaching session on how to tailor your content for maximum brand impact.

One-on-ONe Coaching

Our coaching sessions identify your strengths as the Content Creator and the most dramatic growth opportunities – showing you how to turn down the bad and turn up the good.

IMProve production values

Writing and production values are assessed for their support of the brand.

Group content creator sessions

Each Content Creator on the team is an essential link in the branding chain. Establish targets, motivational channels and content structure to engage the audience. Help individuals unlock their potential. We understand the unique challenges that both individuals and organizations face as they strive for brand excellence.


Mark Lander, Content Creator

Jim took my skills to another level.

Sarah Burke, Host, SIRIUSXM, Women In Media Podcast.

Although Jim was my first program director, still to this day, his airchecks have been the most valuable for my career.

Kris Bawden, Radio Host, Stand-Up Comedian, Self Styled Rock Writer

He genuinely wants to help on-air talent reach their potential and never makes you feel like he’s ‘telling you what to do’ only challenging and enabling you to refine your content ideas to be the best.

Greg Beharrell

He doesn’t look for the announcer, he looks for the personality. Jim opened the door for my on-air personality to come out…then I quickly closed that door to keep all my other personalities at bay.

Scott Tucker. Morning Show Host, Energy 953.

I consider myself very fortunate to have had the chance to work with Jim early in my career as a morning show host, as I have been able to use these tools to this day.

Mark McKenzie, Content Creator.

Jim not only pushed me but supported me daily to be the best announcer and programmer I could be.

Darrin Laidman, Klite, Hamilton.

I appreciated his passion for radio, his compassion for his fellow co-workers and his ability to brainstorm and make you think outside the box. I still apply many things I’ve learned from Jim.


Check Me

$ 75 / session
  • An intense examination of content measured through our proven content filters delivered in an honest conversation intended to provide clear direction.
  • Our Check Me package will clearly identify the strengths of the Content Creator and the most dramatic growth opportunities.

First Check
Student or
On the beach

$ 0 first hit is free
  • Your first Check Me package is available to you at no cost. What do you have to lose?
  • Let us show you what we can do to maximize your impact.
  • If you are a student or are currently On The Beach we will review your demo package to help you onto your next adventure.

Deep Dive

$ 200 / month
  • 4 full Checks on 4 content uploads.
  • All coaching elements from the Check Me package included.
  • A deep dive into content mapping, individual branding and character definitions measured through the month to provide in-depth analysis .

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