The Art and Science of the Tease

Hooking your audience into being interested in your content has to occur right off the top as well as throughout your delivery. There are a ton of shiny things around and we get distracted easily. Teasing provocatively about the content to come still works well – it keeps you from blowing the attention you have and losing me before the main event. But a tease without a bit of a payoff is cruel, and I don’t pay attention to cruel people. I don’t care unless your tease makes me want to care. Give me something, hint, tempt, provoke but leave

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You can’t fake authenticity

We tell our Content Creators to be authentic. But to be authentic is to be vulnerable, to open yourself up. A risky and often uncomfortable venture. You can’t be authentic in every message you convey. You can’t do the weather authentically. But in the right situation – more often then you may think – you can open yourself up, tell your story and be vulnerable in your craft. Be authentic and build a direct connection with your audience. What’s your story, are you comfortable in the vulnerability that will become apparent? If you’re honest the authenticity will shine through. If

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Don’t Drop the Ball

I was streaming Chicago Radio today and was surprised to hear little character definition to the show. It rang hollow with a lack of support and listening. Surprising all the more because this show has a well-known star at the helm. The show lead is an all-star quarterback but they are running only ground plays because they have lost trust in their receivers. And the receivers – sensing this – won’t listen and support the quarterback further diminishing their status.

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