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Our registration questionnaire has eight questions tailored to help us understand you, your brand and the specifics of your media target. We interpret that information through our filter of experienced ears and evaluate the content on its effectiveness to connect with the audience.  We graph out the content to understand and discuss the linear build of the show and its presentation. Writing and production values are assessed for their support of the brand.

We will create a report identifying the strengths of the Content Creator and the path to the most dramatic growth opportunities.  

All documentation is housed in a secure dropbox with personalized locations and password protection.

60 minutes of content is evaluated as one AirCheck — a scoped show or full podcast to a maximum of 30 minutes of talk time.

We offer packages that allow you to send content multiple times per month or as a one -off evaluation.

Jim McCourtie leads AirCheck4U. Jim’s content career began in Tillsonburg and onto Toronto, London, Hamilton and Windsor. Jim has led content creation with creative production departments and sales teams, coaching many individual and team Content Creators in all stages in their careers.  Jim loves guiding young talent and helping established performers find new content arenas to compete in. Find more at and

Stripe payments accepted.

Monthly plans will be billed on the same day of each month.


Check Me

$ 75 / session
  • An intense examination of content measured through our proven content filters delivered in an honest conversation intended to provide clear direction.
  • Our Check Me package will clearly identify the strengths of the Content Creator and the most dramatic growth opportunities.

First Check
Student or
On the beach

$ 0 first hit is free
  • Your first Check Me package is available to you at no cost. What do you have to lose?
  • Let us show you what we can do to maximize your impact.
  • If you are a student or are currently On The Beach we will review your demo package to help you onto your next adventure.

Deep Dive

$ 200 / month
  • 4 full Checks on 4 content uploads.
  • All coaching elements from the Check Me package included.
  • A deep dive into content mapping, individual branding and character definitions measured through the month to provide in-depth analysis .

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