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Don’t Drop the Ball

I was streaming Chicago Radio today and was surprised to hear little character definition to the show. It rang hollow with a lack of support and listening. Surprising all the more because this show has a well-known star at the helm.

The show lead is an all-star quarterback but they are running only ground plays because they have lost trust in their receivers. And the receivers – sensing this – won’t listen and support the quarterback further diminishing their status.

Status is imperative to engaging in a multi-person break. It establishes the leader and inspires the receivers. The lead must earn the support they need and the receivers must be energized to run the ball for a first down allowing the person with status to continue the drive of the break.

If the quarterback loses confidence in their receivers – they lose their status and they lose their support. It is hard work as a radio, or podcast, host to keep up your status given the lack of immediate feedback. The key is to keep running the play without a doubt about yourself and your receivers. Most importantly never drop the ball.

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